Marketing Performance Tracking Module

We create dashboards that provide the critical information that links marketing plans to the achievement of the company’s business and sales goals.

As we’ve written, one of the most important things a marketing manager, director, VP or CMO must have in place is a program to track the effectiveness and ROI of the marketing plans and budgets under his or her control. ¬†Our Marketing Performance Tracking Module, utilizing clear, direct and concise dashboard graphical displays, custom fitted to the business and general aviation industry, is our solution to this critical need.

The dashboards are:

Designed for marketing, sales, and C-suite managers and executives to show information relevant to those individuals’ specific job responsibilities.

Focused on the most critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Provides this information in real-time.

Works graphically on TV, desktop, laptop, tablet, phone.

We use these KPI data inputs to create the dashboards:

First, your business and sales data – these data are your proprietary product, sales, financial and customer data that your company collects and tracks over time, and may include sources such as:

Custom file – Excel spreadsheet, XML, CSV

Connect to cloud data (e.g. Microsoft OneDrive)


FTP or SFTP server uploads

Oracle, Quickbooks Online (accounting software)

HubSpot, Salesforce (customer, prospect management)

Second, third party platforms and metrics –

Web site tools:  Google Analytics, Webtrends, WordPress

Email list management and campaigns: Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Constant Contact

Social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube

Social media management: Buffer, Bitly, Hootsuite

Finally, our synthesis of all the data input – with client input we identify the top KPIs for the client and provide a synthesis of these primary data to show effectiveness, ROI and performance tracked over time, for the marketing, sales and executive functions. We also have proprietary analytic tools for use as appropriate.