Business Aviation Marketing Today – Winning in the Face of Adversity and Change

Mark Ryan and Chris Pratt have been involved with general and business aviation research and analysis, marketing, advertising, selling and promotion for more than 30 years each.  We’ve seen many changes over that period of time, but we believe that some of the changes over the last several years, with roots in the Great Recession of 2008-2009, are both permanent and significant changes that will impact the marketing, and selling, of aviation goods and services over the next decade. Whether you are an OEM, an MRO provider, an aftermarket services or avionics company or an FBO it’s our position that these changes will affect you.

Some of these changes are specific to the structure of the business aviation marketing environment, and some are general in that they impact all B2B marketers, no matter the industry. Regardless of the source of the change we see tremendous present-day adversity for business aviation marketers, perhaps more so than ever.

What are these changes, and how  can we as marketers not just survive and muddle through, but come out as winners in the end?  This book, Business Aviation Today – Winning in the Face of Adversity and Change, lays out our position on these issues.

We welcome any comments, and hope that you’ll find our perspective to be both insightful and useful.

(Published Spring, 2017)

Preface – Winning in the Face of Adversity and Change

Part I: Today’s Business Aviation Market – Heightened Adversity through Structural Change

Part II: Today’s Business Aviation Market – Rapid and Significant Change in the B2B Marketing Process

Part III: Facing Adversity and Change – a Few Days in the Life of a Business Aviation CMO

Part IV: Lessons Learned – Winning in the Face of Adversity

Appendix: Glossary of Brand and Marketing Terms